If your child is registered to play Black Goose soccer this fall, they are being assigned to a roster now. Coaches will receive their final rosters by August 15th and will begin contacting their teams shortly thereafter. Schedules from Superliga will be released toward the end of the month. As we receive information from them, we will circulate to coaches and they will follow up with families accordingly. Right now, we don’t know which day of the weekend our games will be played in all divisions but it looks to be a mix of Saturdays and Sundays. Club soccer and football conflicts will be addressed and coaches will have the option to reschedule games before the season begins.



Black Goose travel program uniforms and gear is available online now at our exclusive shop with DMK Sports: https://dmksports.tuosystems.com/stores/seekonk2017

Our first rec uniform sale was held last week at Cole Street. Thank you for your patience as we move to a new streamlined way of managing our uniform inventory. As we sell down our remaining jerseys, shorts and socks, we will only be re-stocking items as they are ordered. We took many orders at the first sale and that is currently being filled. You will be able to pick up those items at our second sale later this month.

We will continue to try and sell down our remaining inventory and order new as-needed components for a bit until we move to selling rec uniforms online next season. At some point in the future these uniforms will be available at DMK Sports’ online store. We have worked with DMK so a new full rec kit will be the same priced shipped to your home (roughly $40) as our existing stock.



The Cole Street Fields will not officially be available to practice on until the final week in August/first week in September. No teams should be practicing before they receive official notice from SYS. As always, we look to parents, players and coaches to set a good example for the town and leave the fields at least as good or better than they found them. Please be mindful of picking up your personal belongings, water bottles, etc.



There will be a meeting towards the end of the month at the Seekonk Senior Center for all Rec Coaches to learn about the fall season, ask questions and pick up roster assignments. One coaching representative from each team should plan to attend.

If you are coaching Black Goose Soccer this fall, you will be required to attend a webinar run by Superliga before the season begins. The webinars will be run on multiple nights towards the end of the month. Mitch Escobar will circulate details as they become available.

We are always in need of coaches, assistant coaches, and board volunteers who would like to give back to the program. A quick background check is all you need and you’re on your way! You do not need to have an expert knowledge of the sport to volunteer. Seekonk Soccer is built from committed and dedicated parents. We are all here to help each other for the betterment of the program and our community. If you feel you have something to add, we want to hear from you!



We will continue our partnership with Liverpool Academy this fall and offer player and coaching clinics for our rec players and volunteers, at no additional cost, twice a week throughout the season. This is an extremely useful tool for new coaches and volunteers to learn the appropriate drills and playing strategies for each age group. Parent and player feedback about last year’s program was very positive and we look forward to bringing LFC Academy back this year. More details about this partnership will be covered in our coach’s meeting.



The Revs recently ended one of their longest unbeaten runs in their team's history! After making several changes earlier in the season, they are frequently looked at as one of the hottest teams to watch in the MLS. Can they keep the momentum going into the playoffs?

We've enjoyed a multi-year relationship with the New England Revolution. This fall, we will be looking at another exciting player appearance at Cole Street along with exclusive giveaways, raffles and game tickets for players in our rec program. Be on the lookout as we get closer to the season!



SYS volunteers will meet soon to build rec team rosters. We have received many parent requests to pair children with other players and coaches for comfort or car-pooling purposes. We truly do our best to honor these while also making sure our teams are a balanced mix of first/second-year players, and players with more and less experience. We also received some requests about making sure practice does not fall on certain days. Unfortunately, practice is held at the discretion of your coach and their availability. If you and your coach cannot come to an agreement about practice days, we will do our best to relocate you to a team that fits your schedule better, as long as another player on that team also agrees to being moved.



Some parents were incorrectly charged late fees on the final day of registration. Some families have already withdrawn from the program due to change of heart or scheduling conflicts. Our registrar and treasurer are working together to identify/withdraw those players and refund amounts. Refunds are all processed at the same time, usually at the start of the season. In the event you requested a refund, you will receive a check in the mail from SYS around the first week in September.



Incoming rec program referees for fall will have their one hour training on Tuesday, 8/20 at 6:30pm. Details have been emailed to the parents of all trainees. We have many new referees this year. Please be kind and courteous to them on the field!



It all leads up to Opening Day! Opening day for both Rec and Black Goose Soccer will be Saturday, September 7th. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Ten Things You Need To Know For Fall Soccer