Board & Volunteers

President/Interim Recreational Director
Jason Audet

Vice President/Registrar
Diana Andrade

Elizabeth Fecteau 

Black Goose Competitive Program Director
Mitch Escobar 

Director of Player & Coach Development/Sporting Director
Delvi Martinez

Secretary/Apparel & Uniform Coordinator
Heather Hunt

Interim CORI Director
Diana Andrade

Referee Coordinator
Sean Smyth

Field Coordinator
Nick Souza


Recreational Director (open)
We are actively looking for a well-organized volunteer to assist our current Recreational Director. Aided in part by the Registrar and President, this volunteer position is responsible for the coordination and oversight of our fall program.

Field Assistance
We are always looking for field assistance, especially on Friday evenings, to move and repair nets, setup flags and arrange the fields for our weekend games. 

Reminder: Seekonk Youth Soccer is 100% volunteer driven. Without volunteers we cannot possibly support all of the great programs we offer all year long.

Board Meetings

All are welcome to attend Seekonk Youth Soccer board meetings. All meetings are be held on the first Monday of every month at the Aitken Elementary School at 7 pm. If the Monday our meeting is scheduled is a holiday, it will be held the following Monday.

If you have something you would like the board to discuss or review, please submit it no less than one week prior to the meeting so it can be added our agenda. Meeting agenda items can be directed to [email protected].