MYSA Safe Soccer Policy

Seekonk Youth Soccer and Seekonk Black Goose Competitive Soccer fall under the jurisdiction of Mass Youth Soccer. Mass Youth Soccer believes there is nothing is more important than the safety of our children. We greatly appreciate the roles that administrators, coaches, referees and volunteers play in offering youth athletes from all backgrounds the opportunity to play soccer. An integral part of these roles is taking steps to ensure the safety of the participants. Collectively, we are responsible for providing a playing environment that is healthy, non-threatening, and free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Consistent with the priority Seekonk Youth Soccer places on player safety, Mass Youth Soccer is continuously improving the overall risk management of its affiliated activities and programs. They work with all member organizations to minimize the risk associated with all aspects of running a club or town program. This includes training, education, consultations and personal visits.

For more information about MA Safe Soccer, please visit Mass Youth Soccer by clicking here.

You may also download and read the MYSA Safe Soccer Policy below: