NON CERTIFIED REFEREES - If you have not certified after several tryouts, perhaps is because you are not serious in becoming a referee. The SYS Referee Development Program now allow a one season tryout per participant.  Please click on Referee Training on the left side of this website to learn how to become certified.

SYS Rules for Recreational League Referees

Referee Conduct

Referees must arrive at the field 15 minutes before their first game of the day.  You are responsible for checking in each team prior to kick-off so the game starts on time.

Referees must wear a referee shirt or yellow t-shirt provided by SYS, and have a whistle and a stopwatch or other timekeeping device. Refs may wear long pants, gloves, and wear additional clothing under the ref shirt for cold weather conditions.

Referees should speak loudly and clearly when making a call so the players and coaches are aware of your ruling.  If you are unable to get the players and coaches’ attention verbally, you should blow your whistle to stop play and then resume play correctly.

Whistles must be blown loudly for all players and coaches to hear. Not being able to hear the whistle is the most common complaint made against rec referees.

If there is a problem with the conduct of a spectator, address it immediately to both team coaches. It is up to the coaches to control their team’s spectators. 

Please contact me at [email protected] to let me know your personal or family email address so I can keep in touch about the schedule. 

If you are unable to work, or need to cancel or switch games, please contact me by email or phone as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday prior to the games. Referees may not switch games or schedule their own replacements unless approved by the Referee Director.

In the event of severe weather or poor field conditions, game cancellations will be posted on the SYS website ( by 9:00 A.M. the day of the game.  The Referee Director will also send an email to all referees the morning of the game(s), so it is imperative that you check your email before heading to the field.

Referees who do not show up on game day without notification will forfeit future work in SYS.

Referees pay scale is $12/game for U8-U10, and $17/game for U11–U14.  If dual referees are assigned to work U11-U14 games, the pay will be $12/game/referee.

Referees Code of Conduct