Referee Program Overview


The Seekonk Youth Soccer program could not exist without the hard work of our referees! A big thank you needs to go out to every referee who has helped us keep our games going season after season.


It is important to remember that refereeing soccer is considered a job, and as such, all referees should carry themselves professionally. Remember, you are representing yourself, your town, and the Seekonk Youth Soccer program out there! Just as the players, coaches, and parents are expected to treat referees with respect, it is important that our referees treat others at the field with courtesy and respect.


Just as important as it is to know and enforce the rules of the game, our referees are also teachers out there who help guide our younger players on the fields. Referees are encouraged to help kids with the rules of the game and work with the coaches to ensure the kids have a fun and positive experience out on the field. Rules should always be enforced, but it's important to help grow the game and allow our players an opportunity to learn as they play.


Parents, Coaches, and Players - Officiating a game is not an easy job, especially for our younger referees who are doing this for the first time. Please treat our officials with courtesy and respect their rulings. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Vinny Alfano ([email protected]).



Quick Summary and Reminders

  • Get to the game at least 20 minutes before game time, in uniform, ready to go.

    • After 20 minutes, we will start looking for a new referee!

  • Be sure to check in at the shed before your game. If a Seekonk Youth Soccer administrator does not see you at the field, it is assumed that you haven’t arrived yet.

  • All referees should have the following for their uniform:

    • Yellow referee shirt

    • Black pants or shorts

    • Black socks

    • Whistle (preferably electronic)

    • Stopwatch (not one on your cell phone!)

    • Something to keep track of score

    • No hoods or hats!

  • Make sure your calls and whistles are LOUD! Everyone needs to hear you!

  • It is important to start our games on time! One game being late causes other games to be late as well, so please start your games promptly

  • Seekonk Youth Soccer is running a competitive recreation program, so please make sure you keep an accurate tally of the score

  • Parents should be on the opposite side of the player benches, not at the nets. Feel free to ask any parents hanging by the goals to move or find a Seekonk Youth Soccer administrator for help.

  • You are the authority out there on the field, and don’t forget that! Your calls are final, and if a player or coach disagrees, feel free to explain your calls during a stoppage of play

  • Don’t forget to get paid after your game!!!