Parents' Role

For All Practices

Please be on time, players dressed appropriately, wearing shin pads, with plenty to drink.  No jewelry of any kind is allowed.  Please try to let your coach know if your player will be absent.

For All Games

Again, please be on time and call your coach if your child will be absent.  Players should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before game time for warm-ups.

Required equipment:  SYS jersey, soccer shorts, shin guards with soccer socks worn over them, soccer cleats (optional), and water bottle.   No jewelry of any kind is allowed.

During The Game

Parents, family and friends must remain on the side of the field opposite the teams.  Please do not stand behind the goals or allow siblings to do so.

Encourage your players in every possible way.  Please do not coach from the sidelines-it is very distracting to the players. 

All cheering and fan support should be in the form of positive encouragement. We ask that parents and fans refrain from negative criticism, especially of the referees, who after all, are only trying to do the very best job they can.  Coaches are responsible for parent’s behavior at games. If the referee complains to the coach, the offending parent will have to leave the field.

Please keep abreast of team news, announcements, and the upcoming schedule at our web site.

We welcome and encourage your input.  Feel free to contact any one of us either personally, by phone or email.  We will try to address your concerns as best we can.

Thank you for the opportunity to coach your children!  It is a privilege.


  • It will be a fun and meaningful experience for your child.
  • Improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of your child.
  • Your child will develop a sense of teamwork and will learn the value of being part of a team 
  • Success based on your childs abilities