Black Goose Registration

Seekonk Youth Soccer Black Goose Program is a competitive travel program designed for players looking to take their skillset to the next level. Seekonk teams are now competing against other teams throughout Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and the Stonington area of Connecticut. Seekonk Youth Soccer's new affiliation with The Superliga provides for this great opportunity. Right now, the Fall 2020 Season is tentatively scheduled to run from late August and wrap around Columbus Day Weekend. A firm schedule will be sent out for each team by their coach at a date later in the summer. There are typically an even number of home and away games that players, coaches and families should commit to attending.

We anticipate enrolling Girls and Boys teams in The Superliga from 2006 Birth Year (U15) to 2012 Birth Year (U9). Any players at Birth Year 2013 or 2014 are eligible to pre-register and be evaluated for available roster spots on the U9 2012 Team. 

BLACK GOOSE Registration for Fall 2020 is now open!

All players wishing to play Fall Black Goose must also register for Fall Rec Soccer as well. Players in Grade 6 are highly encouraged to participate in Fall Rec Soccer as well, but it is no longer mandatory. There are no rec programs for children entering Grade 7 or above. Any player below Grade 6 not also registering for Rec Soccer will be contacted and required to do so. Failure to comply will result in removal from the Black Goose roster.

Players must complete one season of recreational soccer or equivalent before being eligible for Black Goose (born 2013 and earlier). Black Goose players must be registered for our rec program in order to be eligible, unless there is no rec program for the age level (2008 and earlier). In most cases, Black Goose teams are organized by birth year, not grade level.

All players will be wait-listed until teams can be established. Once teams are built, families will be prompted to complete registration and pay before the deadline.


BLACK GOOSE Registration for Fall 2020 is now open!

More about the Black Goose Competitive Soccer Program....

The Black Goose Program focuses on player development with the goal of producing highly functioning teams. Players who have solid skills, greatly enjoy the game and are willing to put forth a high level of commitment to improve on existing skills should join.

An increased level of commitment to both practices and games is required for any player wishing to attend. Games are largely centered in the Rhode Island area, with some competition taking place in Southeastern Massachusetts as well as the Connecticut border. Games are scheduled in conjunction with The Superliga. Practice times are designated by coaches and the league and are mandatory. Further, the league mandates that new players to the program complete at least one season of Seekonk Recreational Soccer (or show proof of a comparable program from another organization) prior to joining Seekonk Black Goose.

Families are never turned away if they are unable to pay. If you would like to inquire about financial aid opportunities, please email [email protected] and your request will be handled quickly and confidentially.