Recreational Soccer Registration & FAQ

Fall 2020 Registration is now closed. We will not be re-opening registration for new players at this time.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has amended the Safety and Reopening Standards for Business and other Entities Providing Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities – Phase III, Step 1.  

Soccer is now classified in the Moderate Risk Sport category, member organizations are permitted to participate in Level 1, 2 and 3 type of play.

Even though this news is exciting for our sport, we cannot stress enough the importance of the responsibilities we have to our children and all families involved in our sport for their health, safety and well-being. This is a privilege we have been given and we must stay true to our word that we will follow the CDC, State DPH, US Soccer and local guidelines in all that we do. To read more about Mass Youth Soccer's return to soccer activities, please click here:

Type of Play: The following types of play are defined by level from least to greatest risk.

  • Level 1: Individual or socially distanced group activities (no-contact workouts, aerobic
  • conditioning, individual skill work, and drills)
  • Level 2: Competitive Practices (Intra-team/group games, contact drills and scrimmages)
  • Level 3: Competitions (Inter-team games, meets, matches, races, etc.)

The above links will bring you to our Adminsports website where you can register your children for our program. Please send our president an e-mail if you have any questions.



We encourage you to read our frequently asked questions below from parents so far about Town Soccer in the time of COVID-19. Please be mindful that these answers may be updated on an on-going basis to provide you with the latest most accurate information. Thank you!

Will there be games and competitions allowed during Fall Soccer?
There will be no recreational soccer games scheduled for Fall 2020. As of mid-August we are hoping to hold small-sided scrimmages and games within our own organization for Black Goose players as permitted on weekends this fall.

Will parents and guardians be allowed on-field to watch?
Parents and guardians will be allowed in designated viewing areas for games only. Players should be accompanied by one adult guardian ONLY to games whenever possible. Parents will not be allowed on field for practices. Parents should continue to do whatever they can do abide by social distancing mandates and wear masks or face coverings. 

My child has been playing other sports and parents/guardians/spectators on those fields have not been wearing masks or observing social distancing. Why do I have to?
Seekonk Soccer’s rules in all practices and competitions are dictated by our governing body, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. MYSA currently mandates that all parents/spectators at sanctioned events must observe social distancing and wear a mask or face covering. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the spectator(s) being asked to leave the premises. If they resist, the event will be terminated. For now, plan on wearing a mask when accompanying your child to practices or games.

Does my child need to play Recreational Soccer in order to play Black Goose Competitive Soccer?
The recreational program runs from Grades K-6 and is the foundational basis for soccer education in our town. We are updating our guidelines for fall to ensure each age group (including coaches as well as players) conclude their seasons with an understanding of the milestones skills and game understanding expected.

For Fall 2020 only, all Black Goose players will be split from the Rec Program to form more stable groups. This is only being done for contact tracing purposes and to lower the numbers of our Rec Program in order to make it more manageable for coaches. We do not grant exemptions for rec soccer to children who play other fall sports.

As of August 11th, plans to host a Fall Rec Soccer season in Seekonk are being postponed until Spring 2021.

Will the fall season run as long as it has in the past and start/end at the same time?
Fall Black Goose dates are tentative now. Our hope is to run for six weeks, from mid-September through mid- October. Any plans are subject to change.

The pandemic has created financial hardship for my family. I would very much like my child to play, but I cannot afford the registration fee this season. How do I make sure my child isn’t left out?
Seekonk Soccer has never turned a child away for a family’s inability to pay. Please contact our President to discuss reduced registration costs. You have our assurances that your request will be dealt with discretely and professionally.

Can I reuse my old rec uniform from last fall or my unused Hummel Black Goose uniform from spring?
Any and all current uniforms that still fit can be carried over for fall. If you need to purchase a new uniform for fall, you will do so from our online store AFTER you have completed registration and been released from waitlist. Please do not look to purchase a recreation or Black Goose uniform now. Our vendor has been instructed to hold all orders until later in the summer.

What team will my child be on? Can I request that they be placed on a particular team?
Team placement for rec soccer will be based entirely on enrollment. We do our best to accommodate parent/guardian requests for specific team placements where appropriate and possible. Because we must keep playing groups together for the entire season, and their numbers must be no greater than 25, we will be limited in what we can allow this fall. Black Goose teams will be rostered as close to Spring 2020 as possible, but it will again depend on enrollment numbers. Our goal is to roster as many interested players as we can. We will only send players home if we cannot place them on a team, or find a coach for that team.

Click here to register through Saturday, August 10. There will be no new players added after this date.



In order to bring this program to you year after year, we must have committed volunteers to run our teams and guide the program for the next generations of players and families. Without coaches and board volunteers, we cannot operate! This season is particularly critical as we will need more help than ever to help ensure that we are teaching and playing soccer in a way that is healthy, safe and responsible. If you would like to volunteer, please check the box during your child's registration process. If you are interested but your time is limited or your schedule doesn't allow for you to be present on-field each week, we will work with you to find a solution that works. Please consider helping out. The tasks and time commitment gets much smaller and more manageable when we have committed parents and guardians helping out. 




Please bear in mind that any COVID-related mandates and regulations may supersede some of the following information. We will do our best to update our website on the latest information about COVID Soccer rules as they are issued to us by our governing bodies.

Where and when are the Fall Rec Program games played? 
Games are played on Saturday mornings at the Cole Street Fields near Martin Elementary School. Our rec season generally runs from September through early November. Players are expected to attend at least one, one-hour practice per week along with their game. Coaches should be informed in advance in the event of an absence.

How many games does each team play?
Each team normally plays 8 games, unless there are cancellations due to inclement weather. Our Fall 2020 season may be shortened to 6 or 7 games.

Where and when are Fall Rec practices?
Your child's coach will manage each practice session and will provide you the details on where and when your child's practices will be held. 

What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

  • Seekonk Youth Soccer uniforms are required for all players on all teams. Uniform sales are held online and a link to our store will be circulated once we are clear on the direction of the fall season. The price of a full kit is approximately $40. This includes a $20 reversible jersey, $12 shorts and $8 socks. 
  • All players must wear shin guards on the field at all times for safety reasons.
  • Soccer socks should be worn over the shin guards.
  • All players are required to have a soccer ball at all times for practices and games. Required ball sizes vary by age: Size 3 for U-5 to U-8, Size 4 for U-9 to U12 and Size 5 for U-13 and up.
  • Soccer cleats are recommended to ensure proper footing on the fields. Baseball and football cleats are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • NO Jewelry is permitted except for medical reasons - all earrings, bracelets and necklaces must be removed prior to practice and game play.
  • Please have your child bring water or a non-sugary sports drink. The fields can still be very hot to play on in the early part of the fall.

What is the SYS soccer uniform and how can I get one?
The SYS uniform consists of a blue/white reversible jersey, blue soccer shorts and blue soccer socks. Uniforms sales are held prior to the start of the season by board volunteers. Any parents wishing to purchase components of uniforms during the season due to damage or outgrown old sizes, can do so most Saturdays at the Cole Street Fields while general merchandise is being sold.

How do I volunteer to coach / assistant coach?
When you are registering your child there is a box you can check that says I would like to coach or assistant coach. We will contact you mid August to confirm you have volunteered and advise you of placement. Once your commitment is confirmed, a simple routine background check is coordinated with our CORI director and the Mass Youth Soccer Association.

Can I request that my child be placed on a specific team? 
We receive many requests for placement on specific teams, but as our league has grown in size, it has become more difficult to manage with each new season. We try our best to accommodate most basic family requests, but we cannot guarantee approval in all cases - particularly those that impact other aspects of the program and/or are in violation of certain MYSA guidelines.

How are the teams built? 
We work very hard to ensure fair match-ups among our teams in every division. Our most basic guideline is to make sure that each age group's team is comprised of a consistent mix of first and second year players, as well as competitive travel and recreational players (for U8 and above).

How can I help? 
We're always looking for help! We currently have two vacant board positions we are looking to fill; ask an existing SYS board member for more details if you would like to volunteer. How else can you help? It makes a huge difference in our program when parents and coaches arrive to games on time and simply maintain a positive and encouraging environment during practices and games. Help us keep the fields tidy by making sure your child(ren) throw away any snacks and take their water bottles with them as they leave.

On most Friday evenings, board volunteers are moving goals, setting up benches and re-painting field lines. We're always looking for an extra set of hands if you have the time!

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