SAQ Ball Mastery Clinic - Sign-Up's Available!

Published October 18th, 2023 - 10:27pm

Edit - Sign-ups for this session are now full. Thank you to everyone who registered!


Sign-ups for the 1st SAQ Ball Mastery Clinic, hosted in partnership with Resendes Soccer Academy, are now open! Space is limited, so register today! -

What is SAQ?

  • Speed-Agility-Quckness. SAQ skills receive little attention during the season but can have
    an impact on those players putting in work on it throughout the off season. SAQ exercises emphasize
    foot speed, acceleration and deceleration, quickness and change of direction. SAQ training can also help
    with injury prevention as well.
  • Ball Mastery Competitive programs at all levels put the responsibility of footwork on the player outside of
    team training. This clinic will focus on teaching players how to improve speed, touch, comfort, and
    confidence on the ball. Mastery of these technical skills are necessary for any player to develop their
    game to the next level!

When is the clinic?

  • This is a six-week program starting on November 3rd and running through December 15th
  • Sessions are Fridays from 5pm to 6pm at Teamworks on Rt. 6 in Seekonk

Who can attend?

  • This clinic is recommended for those new & current travel soccer players or those playing next level
    premier and looking to get an edge!
  • The clinic is open to players in age groups 2009 through 2015