Fall Rec Standings

Grades 1-6 Fall Rec Standings

Standings are now live. A couple of quick notes...

  • Playoffs begin the week of 10/26, with finals on 11/2. There will be no regular season make-ups.
  • In the event of a statistical tie at the end of the regular season, goal differentials will decide placement.
  • Goal differentials greater than 5 in any match will not be recorded. Meaning, if a match is won by a final score of 11-2, it will be recorded as 7-2.
  • Coaches, please be mindful of running up the scoreboard against your opponents.
  •  Parents, please check your schedules every week and consult with your coaches at practices about game times. 
  •  We are working to make play-offs and finals as practical, competitive and fair as possible. 
rec standings 10.22